"I love putting cameras into difficult places to capture dynamic images the normal eye never has the opportunity to see."  

Whether shooting high speed car action with the Russian arm and precision drivers, aerial cinematography, technical diving for underwater sequences... Dave is comfortable under challenging situations and reliable when there aren't second chances. 

Dave traveled the world as an aspiring professional skier.  He skied for the camera, but also brought out his 16mm Bolex camera at every occasion, and his aspirations began to shift behind the lens. 

While filming pro athletes ski and surf around the globe, he caught the attention of the global surf brand Quiksilver and spent the next few years filming their North American marketing content and annual global brand campaigns.  He also swam with motion picture cameras and filmed waves from the water on every continent. 

He worked on the show "Lost" in Hawaii and began filming commercials and features on and around Oahu. Now residing in Los Angeles and working as a Director of Photography and Camera Operator, his love of capturing ephemeral moments on film has only grown.